FAC118: Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies

Massachusetts Statewide Contract

Contract Summary
FAC118 is a Statewide Contract for Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. This is a multi-state contract available to Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island in cooperation with the lead state of Massachusetts. Other states are eligible to join FAC118 at any time.

The products on this contract must meet environmentally preferable specifications as outlined in Attachment A: Mandatory Specifications and Desirable Criteria. Many of the products, including but not limited to chemicals and janitorial paper products are required to be “Independently Third Party Certified” which means that the environmental claims, as well as the product performance, have been tested and certified by an established and legitimate, nationally recognized third-party certification program. Contract users do not have to analyze technical data and may be assured that the product will perform well. (The only chemicals without such certification are the disinfectants and various sanitizers, for which no certification is available but must abide by safer active ingredient requirements). In addition, vendors were selected for their ability to provide assistance in transitioning eligible entities to a green cleaning program.

For more information, view the Contract User Guide for FAC118 at https://www.mass.gov/doc/fac118/download


Lancelot is proud to announce we are an awarded vendor of FAC118 Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. For quotes and sales inquiries email Michael Sonia at Michael@lancelotjanitorial.com


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