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To-Go Food Containers

To-Go Food Containers

To-Go Food Containers

To-Go Food Containers

Lancelot offers a broad selection of food containers perfect for any restaurant, deli, cafeteria, and more. These containers help complete any take out services by making it easier to store and transport all different types of food.

When choosing the right food containers, you should consider the type of container that best fits your personal needs. Options are available in different materials, sizes, compartments, and more.

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White Foam Hinged Lid Containers

  • Durable and secure closure improves handling and helps prevent accidental openings
  • High insulation qualities make them excellent for transporting and storing both hot and cold foods
  • Perfect for takeout, deli, buffet, and cafeteria offerings
  • Available in one or three compartments
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Round Aluminum Foil Containers & Lids

  • Sturdy, high quality foil containers make it easy to store and transport food
  • Able to heat food without having to change containers
  • Available in 7” and 9” containers
  • Dome lids sold separately, provide damage protection by not touching the stored items

Steam Tables & Lids

  • Heavy duty steam table pans allow food to be stored and cooked without changing containers
  • Foil lids sold separately, help keep heat in longer while protecting food when moved
  • Available in half and full steam table options

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