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Squeegee Equipment

Squeegee Equipment

Squeegee Equipment

Squeegee Equipment

Lancelot offers squeegee equipment for all of your cleaning needs. When choosing the right squeegee equipment, you should consider if you are looking to clean windows or the floor. Additionally, Lancelot offers floor scrapers perfect for effectively scraping gum, stickers, wax, and more.

Easily clean your windows with a squeegee, microfiber washer, glass cleaner, water, and an extendable pole. To properly maintain your floors, pair a floor squeegee to move water and different debris with one of our floor scrapers to make the cleaning of surfaces even easier.

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Ettore Master Brass Squeegee

  • Window squeegee made of solid tempered brass creating the perfect balance and weight for cleaning windows. Pair with our glass cleaner for shiny, streak-free cleaning.

Ettore Golden Glove Washer Complete

  • Advanced sleeve with a microfiber design built for durability paired with the “Taper-T” T-Bar. The perfect combination for washing windows.

Unger 1-1/2 Inch ErgoTec® SafetyScraper

  • Floor scraper with a handy locking system to prevent blades from slipping out while working. Features a ready to use blade and rubber grip to make cleaning surfaces even easier

Unger 4 inch Light Duty Scraper

  • The perfect tool for lighter duty jobs featuring a 4 foot aluminum handle for easier use. Great for scraping gum, stickers, wax, etc.

Unger AquaDozer® HeavyDuty Straight

  • High quality floor squeegee built for heavy duty jobs that require moving large volumes of water, mud, and debris off the floor

Unger Sanitary Standard

  • Floor squeegee with a natural black double-foam rubber blade and a splash guard

Unger Sanitary Brush

  • Combines a floor squeegee and brush into one tool. Reduces work and allows for drying and scrubbing at the same time

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