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Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

When choosing the right rodent control solution, you should consider whether you are dealing with a rat or mouse problem and the area where the problem exists.

It is important to identify what pest you are dealing with because different products are better suited for certain rodents. The area with the problem is important mainly due to safety concerns. In a home with pets and children, you may want to decide on an alternative to a controlling solution like poison.

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  • Kills rodents in a single feeding with the help of the active ingredient and rodenticide, Bromadiolone, making it an excellent bait to control mice and rats.
  • We recommend customers to pair with bait stations, sold separately, to keep any poison away from unintended animals, pets, or children.

PROTECTA Sidekick Bait Station

  • High quality, secure, and tamper-free bait station that locks when closed and unlocks with its two-prong PROTECTA key.
  • Fill this bait station with CONTRAC BLOX rat and mice bait to eliminate pests.
  • Easy to use and durable to hold up in extreme temperatures and weather.

PROTECTA RTU Mouse Bait Station

  • Mouse-size tamper-free bait station, the perfect size to fit against a wall, in a corner, or in a tight fitting location.
  • Fill this bait station with CONTRAC BLOX rat and mice bait to eliminate pests.

Catchmaster Super Mouse Glue Boards 72 MB

  • Non-poisonous mouse glue traps with an adhesive formula and peanut butter scent to attract the mice.
  • Great for use in homes, garages, restaurants, bars, offices, and more.

T1 Mouse Bait Station

  • Tamper-free, pre-baited disposable bait station with the active ingredient and rodenticide, Bromethalin, to kill mice.
  • The safety, security, and convenience make this a perfect option for use in your home where protection from children and pets are a major concern.

TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Trap

  • Snap rat trap with an extremely strong grip providing this device with superior trapping power for chemical-free rodent control.

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