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“I have used Lancelot since George Sonia took over in 1988! And I have stayed with them for the following reasons:

  • Their expert knowledge of the industry means that we use the right product for every job, saving time and money,
  • They provide us with a personalized service. They deliver on our schedule, they review our orders and they work with us when we make a mistake (like running out of essentials), All of their employees bring a positive attitude to their work and are respectful of our workplace,
  • George and Stephanie give back to the community in a manner that puts most large corporations to shame and they always provide a competitive price on their products.

Over the years I have recommended Lancelot to other companies and have always heard positive reports. After all these years, I have never been disappointed.”

“We have been a Lancelot customer since the 1980’s. We purchase our cleaning and kitchen supplies from them and use their custodial services. Hands down, they are the most responsive vendor we use! From matching prices to filling our last minute orders, they do it all. The owner, George Sonia personally responds to our questions and customizes his services to meet our needs and save us money. They are a great company and we highly recommend them!”